Norm's Smoke House


Why let your game meat get freezer-burnt when Norm can turn it into delicious pepperettes, jerky, summer sausage or any of the twenty plus flavours of fresh sausage. If you have farm-raised pork, beef, lamb, rabbit or fish, Norm's Smoke House can process and smoke it into meals and snacks you, your kids and your friends will love. Try the experience of your own "old world" meat and fish recipes to enjoy. Dried, cured and / or fermented Landjager, cszaba, chorizo, etc. What about Lachschinken for Easter? Call Norm while the weather is still cool and be cool with your menu! Attention hunters: Custom game processing is also available (see below for rates).

Norm's Smoke House is open daily, 10am - 6pm
Also open by chance or by appointment.

Location: 3055 Gelert Road
Minden, ON, K0M 2K0, Canada

Email us:
Phone us: (705) 286 - 1862

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Norm's Smoke House  Norm's Smoke House  Norm's Smoke House

Norm's Smoke House  Norm's Smoke House

Choose from an assortment of fresh frozen meats including roasters, lamb and burgers or smoked fish and cheeses.

Some of the current creations we offer:

Fresh frozen
Over 17 flavours of sausage including: (local) lamb and rosemary, South African boerewors, free range roasters, local lamb, 7oz bacon burgers, wild Arctic char and other wild fish.

Smoked fish
Cherry smoke wild Arctic char, whitefish, lake trout, Indian candy, cold smoked Swedish gravlax

Local cheeses
smoked cheddars and spiced or creamed havarti

Norm's Smoke House

Custom game processing fees:

Skinning of deer: $50.00
Debone, cut, wrap: $1.00 / lb
Grinding (ie: hamburger with pork added): $1.00 / lb
Seasoned and stuffed (ie: sausages): $3.00 / lb
Smoking only: $2.00 / lb
Smoked sausages (ie: pepperettes, etc): $5.00 / lb
Salamis (cooked): $5.00 / lb
Salamis (dry cured): $7.00 / lb
Jerky (dried weight): $16.00 / lb

For more information call Norm at (705) 286 - 1862 anytime or email us.

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